Tracy Zihmer

Tracy ZihmerRunning a law firm and raising an almost-toddler keeps Tracy Zihmer, owner of Zihmer Law Firm, on her toes. To keep it all working smoothly, Tracy is diligent about prioritizing and stays focused on what matters most. This month, Tracy shares the four essentials worth devoting your time and attention to if you’re starting a business.

Independence. Wanting independence was my single step toward becoming a business owner, and so it’s shaped my entire journey. There is nothing more powerful—or motivating—than wanting to control your own destiny.

Your services. Women undervalue their services—or worse, offer them for free—all the time. You have to recognize the importance of your work and see the value in it. If you don’t see it, your clients won’t either.

Outside opportunities. No experience is wasted; find something—a lesson, a skill, a connection—to take away from every life experience. Every job I’ve had—from babysitting at 12 to working in the mental health field—informs my current skill set and makes me a better lawyer.

Going first. My firm is always looking for the best ways to incorporate technology, even though many in the legal field still shy away from it. Don’t be afraid to be the first to embrace something new, especially when it increases efficiency and improves your clients’ experience.

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