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The “No” Bucket List

As the results-oriented women that we are, we understand the importance of the to do list, daily
schedules, annual business plans, goal lists, and the proverbial “bucket list”.

Each of these points us to the accomplishments we want in our lives daily, annually, or for our lifetime.

It seems the “bucket list” is the one most often with the biggest and maybe even the most extreme
goals we have. I have been knocking off my list of things over many years. Traversing the Panama
Canal, ballooning over the desert, seeing Mt. Rushmore, walking on a glacier in Alaska. Ascending to the
top of the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower, the Space Needle, the CN Tower, Pikes Peak.
Swimming with Dolphins. Drinking wine at a vineyard in Tuscany. All things I dreamed of doing for years
that finally came to fruition because I focused on them as an important goal.

But I recently read an article that suggested that to be sure to meet your goals, it is even more
important to have a “no” bucket list. This is a list of things you will never do, or never do again, as they
take away from your ability to focus on your goals and focus on those things that give you pleasure in

On my “no” bucket list is, saying no to:

  • Letting someone talk me into buying a car I don’t like
  • Keeping someone in my life who does not treat me well
  • Risking making it to a gas station when the dial is on empty
  • Pretending to be someone other than myself
  • Buying cheap shoes
  • Cutting my own hair
  • Camping in a tent
  • Going shopping on Black Friday
  • Supporting a cause I do not believe in just because someone I know asks me to

Happiness in life depends not only on being able to do what we want to do, sometimes it has to do with
saying “no” to the things that we should not or would not like to do. So, the next time there is a choice
to be made as to what to do, check your bucket list and pick something you would like to do. But, don’t
forget to check your “no” bucket list to be sure you are not doing something that you do not want to do.

Happiness in life can be a matter of remembering to “just say no”.

– Mary Grace Musuneggi

Self-Defense Training Recap

Thank you to those of you who joined us for our Self-Defense Training Event with Pittsburgh Combat Club! We learned simple self-defense techniques and were able to practice them in a safe, hands-on environment. We also focused on learning to shift our mindset in the event of an attack. Thank you to David Holzer and his team for taking the time to teach us and creating an upbeat atmosphere!

Photo Courtesy Higher Voices Studio –

The Joy of Family

We can leave a great planet to our children; or we can leave great children to our planet.
The most important job of a parent is to be put out of a job.
– Anonymous

In the months of May and June, we celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation Days, and Wedding Days. This all reminds us of the amazing relationships with moms, dads, kids, significant others, and all those people who are in our lives. We are so joyful to have these.

Recently I had an awesome opportunity to transverse the Panama Canal. On my way, I had a stop in Cartagena. During the tour of the city, the tour guide explained to us that educating children is their priority. A poor country, but family and education are their major focus.
He reminded us that his children are taught:
My school is my secondary home. My home is my primary school.
As we celebrate the joy of being family, let’s remember that what we give to our family we get in return. Giving our children a sense of freedom and independence, gives them freedom and independence.
As we enter the season of family, let us celebrate family!
Let’s leave our planet great children who will create a great planet.

– Mary Grace Musuneggi