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Women Who Wine: Stretch, Sip & De-Stress!

Join us for our Fall Women Who Wine!

September 23 from 5:30 pm8:00 pm

This event is Free – we ask you to donate an item to Dress for Success benefitting Dress for Success Pittsburgh! We will be hosting a gentle yoga class that focuses on breathing exercises, tips to reduce stress levels, and basic movements to get your body moving and your mind clear. Afterward, join us for complimentary wine and refreshments.


3rd Street Gallery

220 3rd Street
Carnegie, PA 15106

The yoga class and reception are free to attend; however, we are requesting in lieu of a fee that attendees bring donations of new or gently used business professional accessories and unopened full-size personal care items. These items will be distributed by Dress for Success Pittsburgh to help women in the area thrive in work and in life. 

Don’t want to participate in the yoga class? No problem – you can opt to attend both the yoga class and reception, or the reception only. Registration will open soon!

Email us for more information.


More About Dress for Success and Making a Contribution

Dress For Success PittsburghRead more about Dress for Success Pittsburgh and their mission by clicking here. Can’t make the event? Donate directly to Dress for Success Pittsburgh via their Amazon Registry by scanning the QR codes below with your phone. 

1. Open the Camera app on your smartphone.
2. With the app open, hold your phone in front of the QR code below.
3. When prompted, click the link to be redirected to the Dress for Success Pittsburgh Registry on
4. Select the item(s) from the list you wish to purchase, click check out. To ship to DFSP, choose Dress for Success from Other Addresses.
5. Complete your purchase as normal.


Self Defense in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Combat Club Fight Bank Self-Defense Camp September 2021FIGHT BACK CAMP – Self-Defense from the Pittsburgh Combat Club

4 Dates in September!

4 Unique Self-Defense Workshops!


These are highly regarded self-defense training workshops. Each workshop is 3-hours long and specializes in a key aspect/fundamental of self-defense training. This is the same workshop that we offer as MTO (“made-to-order”) but is being made open to the public at large – first come, first serve.

ONLY 6 SLOTS PER WORKSHOP ARE AVAILABLE! Learn more and register here.

– Escape chokes & holds
– 3-hour workshop; 12pm-3pm
– $70

-Defend & counter attack
– 3-hour workshop; 12pm-3pm
– $70

– Throws and takedowns
– 3-hour workshop; 12pm-3pm
– $70

-Self-defense weapons & tools
– 3-hour workshop; 12pm-3pm
– $70

– Four 3-hour workshops; 12 hours in total
– Each workshop is 12pm-3pm
– $199

Learn more about self-defense and register here.

Have a great resource for women… whether self-defense or professional development, we want to hear about it. Contact us now!

I am a Mighty Little (Wo)Man

Like most women, from the onset of COVID, I found myself in front of the TV, or some electronic media, way too often.  Most of the news was depressing and lacked hope. Our contact with real human beings was limited and so TV personalities became our new “friends”. And it continues or returns.  But as time has gone on, watching news, cable or local, it is all too focused on what we could not do.  Being a doer, this was not good for me.

When watching TV in the morning with my Significant Other, we found ourselves, as we began our days, yelling at the TV or having conversations about all things negative.  Not my idea of a way to start the day.

So, we made a complete change.  In the mornings now we watch Young Sheldon.  If you were a viewer of The Big Bang Theory, you know that on the show Sheldon is a genius.  This show then spun off to the story of what Sheldon was like as a very young genius child in the 1980’s in the conservative state of Texas at that time. As a scientific atheist, who is living with a football coach dad, an extremely religious mom, and a typical teenage brother, the relationship issues are hysterical.  But his relationship with his twin sister, who is not only not a genius, but is barely able to navigate her homework, is such a fun contrast. 

Now we are starting the morning with a fun, positive, different focus on the way the world used to be and we have found it such a better way to start the day.
However, what has really made an impression on me is the theme song for the show.  Sheldon sings:

Nobody else is stronger than I am

Yesterday I moved a mountain

I bet I could be your hero

I am a mighty little man

I sing along with Sheldon every morning, because I want to start my day believing that:

You Can Move a MountainNobody else is stronger than I am.  I can do anything I put my mind to.  I can leap over the problems of life with just a positive attitude.

Yesterday I moved a mountain.  Might have been a mountain of paperwork, or handling a mountain of emails, or dealing with a mountain of life issues, but I can move a mountain.

I bet I could be your hero.  Whose hero can I be?  Who can I help today?  How can I make the world, or just my world, a better place?

I am a mighty little man.  What confidence.  What a positive attitude.  I am a mighty woman.  I can overcome whatever comes my way.

So, tomorrow morning, even if you don’t watch Young Sheldon, look away from the negative, look away from the TV media.  Look to start a positive day.  Because you too are a mighty little woman.  Go out there and move a mountain!

– Mary Grace Musuneggi

Ready to get started moving your mountains? Order A Man is Not a Plan today!

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