A Man is Not a Plan book cover success strategies for independent women the authors zone April 23, 2020 finalistIf you are a woman who wants to live life to its fullest, this book is for you. At the age of 25, as a widow with a nine-month old son, Mary Grace Musuneggi became keenly aware that Cinderella was a fairy tale and that her salary as a parochial school teacher would never be enough to realize her goal of owning a home. Mary Grace decided to take charge of her own situation and carve out the abundant life she wanted for herself and her son. The story of her journey to become the first female agent in an insurance firm, to that firm’s first female financial planner, to Chairman and CEO of her own successful firm is filled with anecdotes, humor, and practical advice.

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Real Experience, Applications for Life

In her role as a financial planner, Mary Grace meets women of all ages who rely on a man as a financial plan with disastrous results. But you won’t find detailed instructions about how to make a budget here because this book is about more than money. It is about finding the courage to be CEO of your own life, whether a man is in it or not. This book will inspire you to examine your own dreams and goals and get on the path of achieving them one step at a time. Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and start reading. A Man is Not a Plan will change the way you think and the way you live.

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