Jodie Hnatkovich

Jodie found her way into business ownership organically set in mission and vision practices – while also finding a beneficial work/life balance by working for herself.

Jodie Hnatkovich, LPC, PMH-C, CPLC is clinical counselor in Pittsburgh. Jodie has spent the last twelve years focused on grief and trauma recovery for families. Through the personal and professional journey, Jodie has organically established her clinical specialty of perinatal loss and trauma, a focus on pregnancy loss, infant death, and traumatic childbirth.

Her group practice, Forward Wellness Counseling and Consulting Services, LLC aims to support women and families navigating life transitions to find a better balance. Jodie is the co-founder of Forward Allies for Equity in Reproductive and Mental Health, a nonprofit aimed at reducing barriers to quality healthcare.  She is an advocate for women and families, and her goal is to support all families and their helpers navigate the ‘dark-side of motherhood’ through advocacy, research, and solidarity.” 

The other part of her life revolves around enjoying the time spent with her husband and two living children.

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