Dr. Carole Kunkle-Miller

Dr. Carole Kunkle-MillerSingle Steps Strategies is shining this month’s Spotlight on Dr. Carole Kunkle-Miller, who is also our August Guest Contributor.

Dr. Carole Kunkle-Miller is a Mt. Lebanon-based psychologist, health coach, and collaborative divorce coach. She has been featured on National Public Radio, ESPN Radio, Working Mother Magazine, and several other local and national platforms for her work with positivity psychology. This month, we are excited to hear her tips for women who are starting their own business!

Find Flexibility…
I became a business owner because I wanted to structure my time around the needs of my four children. Baseball, soccer, voice lessons, acting lessons, school meetings…on and on. I needed a job where I could flex my time to fulfill my role as the mom that I wanted to be. Only having to answer to myself was key.

But Don’t Forget About Yourself!
While you’re creating a work situation that allows you to do it all, don’t forget to stop and make time for yourself. My practice focuses on helping women balance their life and work responsibilities. No matter how many hats you’re wearing, you have to put your needs first so you can better care for your family and business.

Ask For Help…And Accept It!
Women are used to taking care of whatever needs to be done. We over-function to get everything done, but burn ourselves out in the meantime. Many women entrepreneurs find it difficult to ask for help when they need it or to even accept help when they need it.

Set Yourself Up For Success
I encourage professional women to set their goals and priorities at the beginning of each month so they are on track for getting the important tasks done first. I also suggest joining some kind of mastermind group where they can share ideas with other women in similar situations.

Dr. Carole Kunkle-Miller is a psychologist, health coach and collaborative divorce coach with over 35 years of experience in the human effectiveness field. She directs Carole Kunkle-Miller, PhD and Associates, a group of psychologists and social workers with many years of experience and education. Carole practices positivity psychology and focuses on what is working in the person’s life and building upon that foundation. Her specialty in natural mental health solutions offers healthy options to preventing burnout and experiencing joy.