Strategies for Abundant LivingSingle Steps Strategies: Strategies for Abundant Living is a concise guide on how to live a rewarding life. It draws its inspiration from Mary Grace Musuneggi’s own trials and tribulations as a young widow and single parent. She provides a unique perspective to help guide individuals about how to make the changes that can positively affect their lives, drawn from her own real-life experiences.

“This book is a gift to anyone seeking an abundant life. It is compelling, moving, and inspiring. The clearly defined steps outlined in the book carve a path to a more fulfilled life. It all begins with the first step – buy the book!”
Michelle R. Donovan, Best-selling author of The 29% Solution: 52 Weekly Networking Success Strategies

  • A Life’s Journey
Step One: Take The First Step
  • Change Your Attitude
  • Be Thankful
  • Pursue Happiness
  • Seize The Day
  • Create Vacuums
Step Two: Prepare For The Journey
  • Set The Goals
  • Visualize The Goals
  • Figure Out Where You Are
  • Take Responsibility For Where You Are
  • Determine The Cost
Step Three: Enjoy A Successful Journey
  • Plan For Financial Independence
  • Take An Active Interest
  • In Your Financial Affairs
  • Be The Pilot Instead of
  • The Baggage Handler
  • Go First Class
  • Buy The Ticket
Step Four: Understand Roadblocks
  • Roadblock: Living In The Past
  • Roadblock: Repeating The Same
  • Mistake Twice
  • Roadblock: Thinking No One Can Help
  • Roadblock: Having No Vision
  • Roadblock: Having No Plan
  • Roadblock: Fearing Failure,
  • Fearing Success
  • Roadblock: Procrastinating
  • Roadblock: “Parade-Rainers”
Step Five: Overcome Roadblocks
  • Create An “I’m Special” Kit
  • Decide On Who You Want To Be
  • Be Determined
  • Take Action
  • Get Up, Get Dressed Up, Get Going
  • Come In Out Of The Rain
Step Six: Never Have To Go Alone
  • Know What You Know
  • …And What You Don’t Know
  • Go To The Source
  • Build Your Team
Step Seven: Choose To Continue The Journey

Mary Grace has written something much more relevant than a book on financial advice. It is an intelligent philosophical work that weaves her experiences, her obstacles, and her very real challenges into the valuable lessons she learned throughout her life. Lessons that have made her a better investor, a better financial advisor, and ultimately, a better person. She connects with her readers on a personal level to give them practical sound advice and a must-read book.
Salvatore M. Capizzi, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Dunham & Associates Investment Counsel, Inc.

A new approach to living your life filled with vision, inspiration, and practical tips. A must read for anyone desiring to create and live their life with joy, connection, and freedom. Allow Mary Grace to support you in creating a life you love.
Jana Clay, Parent Coach/Life Coach, Owner of Gymboree, Mt. Lebanon, PA

Mary Grace Musuneggi has written a book on managing finances that includes a key component often missed in other books – that is to focus on goals and personal fulfillment. Other books talk of the mechanics of financial planning and investment management and fail to connect the effort to the investor’s life. Mary Grace has given us a complete blueprint.
Robert Fragasso, CFP, President, Fragasso Financial Advisors

Mary Grace Musuneggi captures the essence of life’s journey with its joys and pitfalls. Her coaching provides a light by which anyone can see the way clearly to their goals.
Nancy Mramor, Ph.D., Award winning Author, Speaker

Eminently readable, this concise little guide uses real life examples to illustrate the path to personal freedom. Whether it’s financial independence or a new career, it guides you to step outside of your comfort zone and discover what is holding you back from achieving everything you ever dreamed of.
Kathy Evans-Palmisano, RN, CNM, MS, CPT
and owner of “Ki-Ri”, Pathway to Personal and Planetary Transformation

If you share my belief that words matter, pay close attention to the ones found in the title of this book. Life and the circumstances it provides are our best teaching tool. The words in this book blend into anecdotal evidence that prove few women are better at applying life lessons to forward movement – and none are more eloquent than Mary Grace.
Rob Rossi, Journalist

The flowing style of Single Steps: Strategies for Abundant Living provides an easy-to-read, and practical guide to living the life you dream of. Even if you’ve read other books on living a fulfilling life, you’ll appreciate Mary Grace’s humor and her ability to cut to the chase – urging us to move ahead.
Becky Hooman, CFP, MSLS, keynote speaker and trainer for Return on Life, LLC

This inspiring and enjoyable book provides a clear road map for your journey toward prosperity and success. Its practical and uplifting insights will empower you to take the first steps, and encourage you to overcome obstacles along the way. Mary Grace uses her knowledge and personal experience to capture the essence of abundant living, and translate it into a helpful guidebook for the rest of us.
Maureen Murray, Professional Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Maureen Murray Associates

If you feel stuck in your life and need a jump start, then Single Steps is the book to read. Mary Grace blends and weaves practical ideas with real life stories that create can-do systems to reach the successful life you seek.
Patty Kreamer, Certified Professional Organizer®,
author of …But I Might Need It Someday!, President of Kreamer Connect, Inc.

A Treasure Trove of Wisdom for Your Life
Opening up this slight volume of great wisdom is a lot like opening up one of those fabulous hinged Faberge eggs. Before opening, you know you are in the presence of something quite unique. Once opened, your are exposed to miniature treasures of the most exquisite color and detail.

Mary Grace has created just such a work of art. The color scheme and presentation of the front and back covers (paperback edition) are luminous with bright, bold hues. Yet it is inside that the real treasures are found.

Courageously drawing upon the crisis of early loss and mid-life challenges, the author presents a volume of clear action steps that are easy to grasp and, when incorporated into one’s daily living, create and support a life of joy, security and abundance. The writing style is spare but a model of clarity. The information within is grounded in the wisdom of the world’s great spiritual traditions. It is the wisdom of the Heart, wisdom you can trust with every fiber of your being.

Run, don’t walk to purchase this book. You will find yourself rereading it for pleasure and ongoing education throughout your life.
Neal Griebling, Chaplain & Career Coach, Future Design Studio, Inc.

Thought Provoking
Mary Grace has a compelling story which will resonate with all readers. Thoughtfully written and provides guidance and practical advice for times when we need it most. I enjoyed reading it!
M.L. Reno

Great Find
This book is easy to read, has great story telling and has you glide through the pages. I bet you will reflect on her words often as I have. I would bet this is one book I will reread often as my life takes different journeys.
Lisa Marie Rossi, Ann Arbor, MI

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