Lisa Purk

Lisa PurkSingle Steps Strategies is shining this month’s Spotlight on Lisa Purk, who is also our July Guest Contributor. In 2009, Lisa made a dramatic career change. She shifted from a successful career in Speech Pathology to start her Life Coaching practice, Inner Fire. That journey began with a single step in the direction of her passion. Here Lisa shares advice for other women who want pursue a more fulfilling career path.

Listen to Your Own Voice
There is a still, small voice inside each of us. Learn to tune into it and follow where it leads. It knows your path.  Otherwise, you will continue to stumble and live in a place where satisfaction and fulfillment are lacking. The self-defeating inner chatter will breed and your frustration will increase…even when everything looks happy and good on the surface. 

Let go of the “Do It All” Mentality
Women still struggle with the mindset that they have to do it all: work long hours, cook meals, clean the house and be primarily responsible for the children and their activities. It’s difficult for us to let go of tasks that others are capable of doing. Be willing to give up this mindset. Whether at work or home, partner with those who share this view. Stop measuring your value by your ability to “do it all.”

Connect with Experts Early
When you’re building a new business or exploring new career options, reach out to a wider spectrum of professional advice and services sooner that you think you should.  As a solopreneur, I easily fell into the belief that I had to figure everything out by myself.  But in reality, some of my best and fastest growth came when I was willing to connect with others for help and rely on their expertise. 

As Owner of Inner Fire, Lisa offers life coaching services (both individual and group education) that help professional women to lead more satisfying lives and businesses. Want to learn more about strategies for breaking free from self-sabotaging inner chatter and restoring confidence and clarity? Connect with Lisa at