Who We Are

Single Steps Strategies is a nexus of professionals and organizations who provide educational and enrichment opportunities for women in Western PA. Our goal is to empower women in our community by providing access to resources that can help them manage life’s challenges and changes…one step at a time.

How We Started

In 2003, Mary Grace Musuneggi and her son, Christopher, created Single Steps Strategies. At that time, Mary Grace had been working in the financial industry for more than two decades, and she acutely understood the importance of financial independence for women. But as a financial advisor, she had met countless women who struggled with that very goal. Recognizing that financial independence is linked to so many facets of a woman’s life, Mary Grace wanted to do something more.

“Typically, a woman’s financial independence is inextricably linked to how she manages so many other aspects of her life—areas like relationships and health and business—especially during times of change or transition.” –Mary Grace Musuneggi

Having already experienced life from so many perspectives—from single to married to widowed, from “stay at home” mom to single parent, from being one of the first women in her industry to an award-winning top producer and CEO—Mary Grace knew how to handle life’s curveballs and find—or more accurately, make—her own personal happiness and professional success. Two rules held true for her while facing each challenge: Find and use resources wisely, and have the courage to take the first step.

Single Steps Strategies was born out of Mary Grace’s desire to share this and more in a format that would be easily accessible to all women who are ready to take their first step toward success, happiness, and independence. She wanted to bridge the gaps between women facing a challenging situation, the resources they needed, and their goals: “Single Steps Strategies is a road map to help women get from where they are now, to where they want to be. It is a holistic approach to life’s journey. It leads women down the path to an abundant life.”

In the last decade, Single Steps Strategies has grown into a portal for a variety of resources and voices, giving thousands of women access to educational workshops; practical information about finance, business, and lifestyle issues; and the insight and experience of other successful women.

Mary Grace chronicles her own inspiring journey and shares her strategies for “success one step at a time” in her books, Single Steps: Strategies for Abundant Living and A Man is Not a Plan: Life Strategies for Independent Women