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Women Who Wine: Survivor Skills During Pandemic and Pandemonium

On October 8, 2020, Single Steps Strategies hosted a virtual Women Who Wine focusing specifically on the issues resulting from the pandemic and reaction to it.

Survivor Skills for Abundant Living in an Upside Down World
Skills to deal with a world of Pandemic and Pandemonium

The event covered topics that many women are facing today:

  • How to deal with relationships
  • How to stay mentally and emotionally well
  • How to enjoy physical health and wellness

The event featured Paula Kauffman Oberly LPC, NCC, BCC, ACS, Carole Kunkle Miller Ph.D., and Rebecca M. Meehan PT, WCS, PYT. 

Women were welcomed by Mary Grace Musuneggi and hosted by Christine Pikutis Musuneggi. 

Watch the recording here or on YouTube


About WWW

Women Who Wine, now in its tenth year is a gathering of women who work together to better themselves and their lives. Featuring expert speakers and panels, WWW has covered personal, professional and cultural topics of interest to women. WWW is typically a live event hosted by, but in the age of COVID-19, this is a recording of a virtual event. 

If you’re interested in upcoming WWW events, please contact us