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A Shout Out To Great Customer Service

It seems we cannot go through a day that we don’t hear someone complain about the lack of customer service in the retail or service industries today.  Or we get no service, and yet we asked to tip 20% or more for the lack of it.

I hear that often from clients and associates, family members and friends.  And sometimes the person complaining is me.  How do we get the service we should get from the businesses we are working with? What is the cause?  Why do we keep working with those who do not really serve us or care about us as their clients, or customers?

But every once in a while, a shining light of service comes through, and I am so excited.  Removes my fears that life could become one disappointing situation after another.

At least 6 to 8 weeks ago I went to my favorite Hallmark Card store in McMurray.  Olivia’s Hallmark.  I have been going there for 18 years as anyone who knows me, knows I like doing everything in my life on Route 19.  Easy.  Convenient.

I have been purchasing a special greeting card from there that I keep in my stash of greeting cards that fit so many situations.  It is a card with small sheep on the front who announce that they:

Do not know what to do.  Do not know what to say.  And inside it says, “But I will pray”.

I find it a great card to show my concern when someone is going through a life crisis.  Because I cannot always help, but I can pray.

For months, it was not on the shelf at Olivia’s Hallmark or on any other Hallmark that I may have visited. But when I was at Olivia’s a couple of months ago, I mentioned this to Ann, one of the store’s sales clerks, and she took my name and said if she saw it coming in, she would call me.

And she did!!! 

She called me personally to tell me the card came in and she set aside 3 of them for me.  She told me that Hallmark was changing systems, and this card had been on hold, but now it was back.

She made my day.  I could not even imagine she remembered me.  But she did.

Ok, Ann.  You need to go out into the world and teach others what customer service is all about.  You are a gem.

To our readers: If you have a great customer service story, please share with us so we can share with others.