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Truths A Man is Not a Plan Teaches Every College Grad 

In the book, A Man is Not a Plan, readers learn the many reasons they must be the CEO of their own life. No other person can play that role. For recent college graduates this is a critical lesson. Developing your own plan with an understanding of the twists and turns life can throw at you is critical. While that plan should start today for anyone of any age, young adults can set a plan that will reap great benefits throughout their life by starting now. 

Planning on Others Planning

A Man is Not a Plan can teach anyone the error of delegating one’s own lifeplan to someone else. 

Here’s an excerpt from the book that details a conversation between the author of A Man is Not a Plan and a young woman. It highlights one example of relying on someone else:

If you are thinking that while the Cinderella concept ruled in the past, today’s women are more educated, informed, and independent, consider a conversation I had with a young woman we will call Kathy. The conversa- tion went something like this: 

Mary Grace: “I see you just graduated from college?” 

Kathy: “Yes, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.” 

Mary Grace: “What kind of career will you pursue?” 

Kathy: “I am really not planning on pursuing a career. I am planning on staying at home and raising children.” 

Mary Grace: “That is a terrific career that a young woman can choose when she has children. Have you given any thought to what you might do until then, or when they go off to school, or grow up and leave home?” 

Kathy: “No, as I am not planning on ever working. I am hop- ing to never need to. I am planning for my husband to provide me the opportunity to always stay at home.” 

Mary Grace: “And if you won’t have to work, what kind of plans do you have for your life? More education? Public service? Charity? Artistic endeavors?” 

Kathy: “No, not really. I am comfortable being part of my husband’s plans since he will be supporting me.” 

Mary Grace: “Well, okay then. But I didn’t know you were married.” 

Kathy: “I’m not.” 

Mary Grace: “Are you engaged, or there is someone special in your life?” 

Kathy: “Not yet. But I am sure there will be.” 

It may sound as though this conversation took place in the 1950s. Unfortunately, I had this talk recently with a 23-year-old college graduate. 

So just at the point where you think we have “come a long way, Baby,” and women are making better life choices, a segment of the female popula- tion still seems to believe that women’s life goals should center around the men in their lives, whether those men exist or not. 

However, it’s not just young women who can fall prey to others being the plan who will provide:

  • The wife who counts on her husband
  • The employee who counts on her boss
  • The entrepreneur who counts on his/her partners
  • The adult child that counts on their parents
  • The citizen who counts on the government 

The truth is: many people, organizations, and institutions are trustworthy and can help us along the way, but only the individual can be the CEO of their own life. To cede control of one’s life to others is not a plan. Get your own plan. 

Start Your Own Plan

Not sure how to get started? Grab a copy of A Man is Not a Plan. It will start you on the way to being the CEO of your own life.