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Tips for Christmas and Black Friday

Christmas means many different things… from holy nights to heavy traffic. This year, however, the word is “supply chain”.  Due to issues with COVID, finding workers, and other delays throughout the world economy, Christmas will have its challenges when it comes to getting the gifts under the tree. 

We’ve pulled together tips from a number of sources to help you avoid the frustration and get your holiday shopping done early and hopefully, happy.

Fox News is reporting that the shortages are real. With some basic tips like “start early” including for online shopping, this article provides solid tips for making the most of Amazon shopping including:

  • How to have your gift recipients set up an Amazon wishlist.
  • How to maximize savings by using gift cards and Amazon Prime.
  • Where to find the best Amazon coupon codes. 
  • And more… Read the full article here on

Rock Christmas like a (Kim) Komando. The online guru provided tips on buying electronics, plus which games and devices need to be purchased NOW to avoid shortages. Read her full article 6 Things to Buy Now Ahead of Black Friday Shortages.

Vox also covers the supply chain shortage, providing this ominous list of soon-to-be scarce items: new clothes, back-to-school supplies, bicycles, pet food, paint, furniture, cars, tech gadgets, children’s toys, home appliances, lumber, anything that relies on semiconductor chips, and even coveted fast food staples like chicken wings, ketchup packets, Taco Bell, Starbucks’ cake pops, and McDonald’s milkshakes (but thankfully only in the UK, for now). Read their full assessment of the worldwide supply chain issues here. 

Fortune magazine is covering how some retailers are moving Black Friday earlier (some starting as early as Halloween!). These retailers include Amazon, Target, Ulta, and more. Read more at Fortune’s website. 

More Than Presents

Of course, Christmas, Chanukah and other holidays are more than presents. Family, friends, and special festivities are so much more important. Still, it’s fun to give. So if you’re thinking holiday shopping, think (and act) early!

Have a wonderful holiday season!