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Can you remember back to your early teens, or even pre-teens when you became curious about the opposite sex? And it was time for your parents and you to have “The Talk?” For some of us that conversation was something we wanted to have; but dreaded as much as our parents did. For some, that talk never came; because some were given a book from the Girl Scouts, or were sent off to a class at the local YMCA. Discussions about “growing up” were scary and uncomfortable for most involved.

Then came the time for us to have “The Talk” with our own children. Again, a needed discussion that may have come much sooner than expected; but was for many no less uncomfortable.

Now as we age or as we see our parents age, another kind of “talk” needs to occur. This time “The Talk” is between the child and the parent, where the discussion turns to later life issues. Instead of it being about “growing up,” it is time to talk about “growing old.”

This “talk” can be just as uncomfortable, but certainly as necessary, as it explores personal feelings, finances, living arrangements, final arrangements. But having “the talk” means there are no questions or misconceptions as to what the parent wants and how these desires can be accomplished.

Not having “the talk” can set up a family for having a loss of money, loss of security, loss of control, loss of independence, and loss of family stability.

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Tuesday, August 26 – The Cost of Aging

Michael Baker – Target Insurance Services of PA

Thursday, September 25 – The Greatest Gift – Pre-Planning

Patrick McGowan, Conroy Funeral Home

Tuesday, October 14 – What is Estate Planning And Why Should You Do It?

Tracy Zihmer, Feldstein, Grinberg, Lang & McKee

Attendees will be eligible to receive a complimentary Long Term Care Analysis and an Estate Planning Review.


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