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Overcoming Discouragement from Others

There will always be people in your life who will try to discourage you from working toward your goals. They may have placed expectations on you that don’t align with what you want. If you surround yourself with these people and take what they say to heart, you are letting them control your life. Why let them? You are the only one who knows what you want out of life, what will truly bring you abundance.

How can you overcome discouragement from others? Writer Ximena Vengoechea suggests doing a life audit of the people with whom you spend time. Take a step back and think about who in your life inspires you, supports you, and wants to see you succeed in your goals. Prioritize investing in those relationships and sharing your dreams and goals with them. The more you surround yourself with those who help you grow, the less you’ll hear the naysayers who are trying to bring you down.

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