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Embracing Self-Love

As women, we can be very hard on ourselves when it comes to our bodies, our actions, and our thoughts. We can beat ourselves up over not achieving our goals or not meeting the expectations of others. But it’s important to remember that you are the one driving your life. If you continue to be negative towards yourself, you won’t be able to motivate yourself to work towards the future you want.

In order to truly reach your goals and create the abundant life you’ve always dreamed, you have to treat yourself with kindness. Just like you need other women around you supporting your dreams, you need to be supporting and loving yourself every step of the way. You must acknowledge your own value so you can decide what life you deserve to live and gain the confidence to chase it in the face of challenges.

How can you begin to love yourself? In her blog, “A Simple Guide to Self-Love for Women,” Rebecca Crespo says it’s crucial to accept yourself for who you are, including flaws and what you’ve accomplished. This also means you have to work on not comparing yourself to others. For more insight on how to love yourself, read her full article here:

Single Steps Strategies is passionate about supporting women as they discover their worth and aspirations. Let’s start this year off with positivity and self-love!

The Power of Mentoring

Mentoring is a very empowering tool. Think back to the times you needed guidance in your life, whether it was professional or personal. Who did you go to for help? What advice did she give you? Having a woman in your life supporting you and giving you honest, constructive advice is invaluable when you’re striving to create your abundant life.

If you’ve grown from having a mentor – now it’s your turn to guide someone else. The hurdles you’ve faced on your journey and the experience you’ve gained because of them can guide another woman who is facing similar struggles. In her Forbes article, “Mentoring Matters: The Importance Of Female Mentorship,” Maryann Bruce says that when women mentor women, “it helps them gain access to opportunities and cultivates their confidence.” Women need each others’ encouragement to help them gain confidence in themselves and their dreams.

How do you become a mentor? Look around for a woman in your life who is working to reach goals she’s set for herself. Is there a way you can help her? Maryann says that a mentor provides a safe haven for questions and topics about professional development and confidence. Reach out and cultivate a level of trust so your mentee knows she can come to you with anything.

Single Steps Strategies is devoted to empowering women to create their own fulfilled lives. We want to encourage a strong community of women who can give each other advice and support. Reach out and offer to mentor a woman in your life today! For more tips on who you should mentor and how to begin, read Maryann’s full article here:–of-female-mentorship/?sh=5d1e759eccaa

Overcoming Discouragement from Others

There will always be people in your life who will try to discourage you from working toward your goals. They may have placed expectations on you that don’t align with what you want. If you surround yourself with these people and take what they say to heart, you are letting them control your life. Why let them? You are the only one who knows what you want out of life, what will truly bring you abundance.

How can you overcome discouragement from others? Writer Ximena Vengoechea suggests doing a life audit of the people with whom you spend time. Take a step back and think about who in your life inspires you, supports you, and wants to see you succeed in your goals. Prioritize investing in those relationships and sharing your dreams and goals with them. The more you surround yourself with those who help you grow, the less you’ll hear the naysayers who are trying to bring you down.

Single Steps Strategies is passionate about empowering women like you to pave their way to their own fulfilling futures.

Read Ximena’s blog post to learn more about how to do a full life audit and reframe your vision for your goals by clicking here.