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The Joy of Family

We can leave a great planet to our children; or we can leave great children to our planet.
The most important job of a parent is to be put out of a job.
– Anonymous

In the months of May and June, we celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation Days, and Wedding Days. This all reminds us of the amazing relationships with moms, dads, kids, significant others, and all those people who are in our lives. We are so joyful to have these.

Recently I had an awesome opportunity to transverse the Panama Canal. On my way, I had a stop in Cartagena. During the tour of the city, the tour guide explained to us that educating children is their priority. A poor country, but family and education are their major focus.
He reminded us that his children are taught:
My school is my secondary home. My home is my primary school.
As we celebrate the joy of being family, let’s remember that what we give to our family we get in return. Giving our children a sense of freedom and independence, gives them freedom and independence.
As we enter the season of family, let us celebrate family!
Let’s leave our planet great children who will create a great planet.

– Mary Grace Musuneggi

Women Who Wine (and Beer) Recap

On Thursday, April 7th, we had a wonderful time learning about the craft brewing industry from the ladies of Necromancer Brewing! Thank you to Lauren Hughes and Nina Santiago for sharing their experiences and to all the ladies who attended! Check out some moments from the event: