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On a recent pre-Christmas vacation to the Arizona Biltmore, I had the opportunity to enjoy a ride in a private plane to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, to go hot-air ballooning over the desert, and to cheer on my daughter-in-law while she hiked up Camelback Mountain. Then as I returned to the hotel, I was greeted with its Christmas decorations that were surrounded by blooming flowers. Each one of these experiences gave me a totally different perspective on the area. I was still in Arizona, but I saw snow-capped mountains, gleaming canyon rocks, desert sand and cactus, and colorful spring-like foliage. Some up close, some from far away, some while floating in the sky…and each view was a picture of awesomeness.

On my flight back home, I couldn’t help but think that the next day, I would return to my normal routine. Not a lot of difference each day. Awake. Go to Work. Go Home. Sleep. Awake. Go to Work. Go Home. Sleep. A little more like walking on a treadmill than soaring above the clouds. Even though I love my work and I love my home, the perspective each day is much the same. I also hear this theme echoing from many of my friends, family members, clients, and associates.

Now this is not to say that routine is not a good thing. For some of us it is the system for a well-organized and rewarding way of life. But what if each day we just added a few moments where we would see life from a different perspective? What if we went to work a different route; started the day with an inspirational reading; went to the gym before work instead of after? Or even more adventurous…set time to go zip- lining, segwaying, snowboarding?

I read a story recently about a couple who decided to take a “honeymoon” every month for a year. Some were costly, but some were not. If you have never really explored Pittsburgh, there are so many things to do that cost nothing. View the city from the top of Mt. Washington. Walk along the river. Ride your bike on a one of the city trails. Take your dog to a dog park. Sit by the Point State Park fountain. Walk around PNC Park on the North Side.

Change your perspective! Seize the day! Make 2015 all that you want it to be!

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