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Holiday Bother or Bliss? You Decide.

MGM smaller fileBy Mary Grace Musuneggi

A few days ago a client of mine wished me “Happy Holidays” as she left the office. “Oh, no,” I shuddered. “It can’t be that time of year again!”

Although I love the holidays, I know the stress they can sometimes bring. So much to do. So many deadlines. The decorating, the shopping, the cooking. The company, the parties, the family gatherings. Some of us approach these with excitement…and some of us with dread.

I don’t so much mind most of this, and in fact I delight in the sounds and sights of the seasons; but point me in the direction of the mall or Wal-mart and I break out in a cold sweat. For me, that is stress at the highest level.

No matter what part of the holidays stresses you out, there are truly only two ways to approach the coming days, just as there are only two ways to approach most things in life: You can be a Winnie the Pooh, or you can be an Eeyore.

Winnie the Pooh is one of my heroes. Pooh knows what will make him happy, and he pursues it with passion. When the honey pot awaits, he is not diverted by anything that gets in his way—not bees, not blustery days, not getting stuck in a tree. He is persistent, single-minded, and never has a harsh word to say. Every day for him is delightful. All of his adventures are fun.

On the other hand, Eeyore spends his days worrying, complaining, doubting, and insisting that nothing good will ever happen. He goes through each day planning for everything to go wrong.

At the end of the day, Pooh is reveling in a pot of honey, while Eeyore has had the kind of day he had expected, too.

As we approach the holidays, as we approach life, who will you be: Pooh or Eeyore? The results of your choice will be a wonderful holiday season…a wonderful life…

…or not.

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