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Finding Peace Within–and Without–Nature

By Lisa Purk
Guest Contributor

At home, I have a serene backyard space that is quiet and private and includes a small pond with a waterfall. When I listen as the water splashes over the rocks, I experience a great sense of peace. It is my habit to retreat there in the early morning. Peace also finds me when I bike along a river trail, hike in the woods or walk the beach at sunrise.

Given the opportunity, I will always enthusiastically invest my time in these activities. Peace arrives in my heart naturally and unencumbered in these places.

As the sound of flowing water, the feel of a gentle breeze or the crunching of leaves and rocks beneath my feet enters my mind space, the stresses and worries of everyday life fall away. Nature becomes my tour guide, leading me on the path to my soul and to the deepest recesses of my heart. Peace is always one of her destinations.

But as enjoyable and rejuvenating as these escapes are, they are relatively brief in their duration. Relative, that is, to time spent in daily life activities.

I, like you, have a home and a family I love and desire to care for in meaningful ways. My business, as with your chosen career, takes time and attention to grow. My daily realities are like yours: laundry, meals, errands, bills, cleaning, landscaping…the list goes on.

No matter how well we attempt to plan and order our lives, we each also face larger stresses and worries. There are more tasks than time to complete them. Decisions are pending but clarity is lacking. Unexpected bills, relationship conflicts and health concerns all weave their way into our lives when we’re not looking. 

As much as we can all thrive from our rejuvenating escapes, we also benefit from bringing peace into our hearts in the midst of our everyday lives.  Nature is certainly a great tour guide. But she can’t always be there when stresses and worries invade our space.

Experiencing a flow of peace into your daily life requires you first be open to it. You must believe in the possibility. For many people, this belief must start with a mind shift. 

As you begin each day, affirm to yourself, “My heart and mind are open and receptive to peace.” As you do, think of an experience that easily brings you a sense of calm. In this way, you will be associating the feeling of peace with your words. The power of your affirmation is amped to new levels when you connect a feeling to your thought. This simple practice, done consistently, will bring you into a space that is receptive to peace. 

To continue to experience peace in the midst of your busy days, nothing will go further than mastering your thoughts and word choices. Here are a few of my favorites to help you get started:

  • Thank you: It’s not only a polite phrase. “Thank you” can go the distance for settling your spirit. Whether uttering the words for something specific or offering them as a general expression of gratitude for the good in your life, use them often. When you find yourself in a place of stress and worry, use them as a way of embracing peace, “Thank you; I welcome peace even as I wait for resolution to my concern.”

  • All is well: This isn’t just a phrase of Pollyanna avoidance. It is a way of finding strength in the thoughts “I’ve done everything I can at this time” and “I have trust for the future.” Some of the things that cause feelings of stress take time to resolve, and this phrase will keep you grounded as you go through the process.

  • I’m happy for her/him/them: Consider how often your stress is related to someone else having something you want for your own life. Maybe you sense a note of jealousy or envy, or you pretend it doesn’t matter to you. But inside the pit of your gut is a knot that cries, “I wish I had that!” and “Why can’t that be me?” accompanied by a worry that wonders, “Will it ever happen?” You will go far toward achieving your sense of peace AND opening yourself to receive what you desire when you make a shift to feeling joy for others. 

As much as I love nature, she’s not always with me. But my mind, my thoughts, my words—these are always my travelling companions. They’re yours, too. Be certain the ones you’re taking along on your journey get you to the destination you desire…including your place of peace.


Lisa Purk, owner of Inner Fire, is a Life Coach who works primarily with women. With a strong background in Speech-Pathology and Business, Lisa applies her knowledge and experience from both disciplines to her passion as a coach. She is a sought-after speaker for organizations and businesses.

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