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Living Alone In Your Senior Years

“People want to live a long time. Unless they don’t know they are living a long time.”
……..Dr. Oz’s thoughts on Alzheimer”

According to Web M.D. most women can expect to spend some portion of their adult life as a
single. Because they live on an average of 5 years more than their male counterparts, they
are more likely to live alone at the end of their lives. Also some spouses leave by choice and
not just by chance. According to the Census Bureau one of four divorces today are initiated
by people over the age of 50.

So what can a single woman do to make those senior years all they can be? According to

1. Remain goal-oriented
2. Develop and maintain a strong social support network of family, friends and
3. Develop a personal exercise program
4. Take charge of your financial future
5. Eat a low-fat, high fiber diet
6. Don’t fall for fad diets
7. Practice light or no drinking
8. No smoking, not matter what
9. Take charge of your brain

“Maintain Your Brain” is an educational seminar which teaches good brain health in order to  reduce the risk for developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Learn about exercise, diet and ways in which you can engage your brain to boost your brainpower. Come and get brain fit!

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