Stepping Into the Spotlight: Sarah Joy McKenzie

SarahprofileAs the owner and manager of Hand in Hand Weddings & Events, Sarah Joy McKenzie wants to keep two unwelcome guests out of every event: stress and regret. She specializes in helping couples create the event they are picturing in their minds…without taking on the stress of a second full-time job (which is what planning a wedding or large event often amounts to). To do this, she keeps her eye on the bigger picture—the wedding is one amazing day, but it’s also the foundation for all the future days that are going to make your marriage—and follows a few simple rules that work as well for business owners as they do for wedding planners!

1. Make a budget and stick to it: “We pride ourselves on our dedication to helping people stay on budget. Starting your marriage off with debt is incredibly hard, so staying diligent about keeping the wedding budget in check is very important to us. I experienced this first-hand in business, too. Our first year, I put more than I wish I had into advertising—money that could have gone to other things. Now I know I can do just as well with half of that marketing budget and be farther ahead at the end of the year.”

2. Look for the positives: “It’s hard to do sometimes, and it may seem like nothing is happening at first…but once you start to see positive results, you prime your brain to see more. And before you know it, you’ll see more good things happening. Actively seeking silver linings also helps to put you in a better place for solving the problems you do have.”

3. Don’t forget the stamps: “In events, that’s literal advice. They seem like such a small expense at first, but multiply by two—or sometimes four!—per invitation and it really adds up. And we see a lot of that in business, too. The things that seem like small expenses can really add up!”

Look for Sarah Joy and Hand in Hand Weddings and Events at a variety of events throughout the year, including their Wedding Slam Wedding Workshops.