Stepping into the Spotlight – Samantha Silvas

Our Single Steps Strategies Spotlight for the month of January 2018 is local artist and entrepreneur, Samantha Silvas. As owner of her own company, Samantha Anne Studios LLC, she has continued to develop and expand her artistic skills that have propelled her into a successful business since March 2016. A native of Northern Idaho, Samantha moved to Pittsburgh in 2015, so she’s still learning and exploring the area. She enjoys shopping in the Strip District, checking out new restaurants and exploring new hiking trails throughout Western PA.

We recently spent some time with Samantha to learn a little bit more about her business and background. Read more to hear her story and be sure to check out her amazing artwork from her website:

Question: Tell us what prompted you to become a business owner…what was your “single step” in that direction?

Answer:  I was prompted to become a business owner because I wanted to change the way people buy artwork. There is a humanistic need for artwork in peoples professional and personal lives, and deciding that I could create a unique platform within the art industry was my first step towards building my own company. I love the process of finding the personal aesthetic of a client, and changing my artistic style to fit their needs.  By making artwork specifically for a space, I save my clients the time and hassle of searching for the right piece; one of our artists can just create the artwork to fit that specific space!

Question: What services does Samantha Anne Studios LLC provide? Is there any related advice you can offer to local women who might be looking to start their own company or develop a skill?

Answer:  Samantha Anne Studios LLC creates affordable, custom artwork for corporations, restaurants, individuals, children’s book authors, hospitals– anywhere that there is a blank wall that needs filled! All of our artwork is crafted by professional artists, and is made specifically with their needs, taste, and budget in mind. We work with multiple types of different mediums, including (but not limited to) oils, acrylics, watercolor, charcoal, graphite, and hand-painted murals. Every project is different!
Although I am fortunate enough to work in the creative industry, I think it is important to have a team of business-minded people. Connecting with other professionals, along with other creatives keeps me balanced.

Question: What are some challenges that you have seen that are specific to woman-owned businesses? What advice do you have for overcoming them?

Answer: Society has taught women that being aggressive, straight-forward, or overly confident isn’t ladylike. Having confidence in yourself and in your work, while staying true to your personality are ways to break those societal norms.

Question:  Looking back, what do you know now (about business) that you wish you knew when you started out?

Answer: Building a business is like running a marathon. Running too hard at the beginning will lead to exhaustion before the finish line. But not keeping a good pace will put you behind. Learning how to manage my time is something I’ve strategized a lot more now than I did when I first started building my business.  Getting out of the mindset of working 9-5, Monday-Friday has lead my business in a more functional direction.

Question: What your business looking forward to in 2018?

Answer:  In 2018 I hope to hire more Pittsburgh-based artists to expand the Samantha Anne Studios team. I look forward to collaborating with interior designers and decorators for residential and commercial spaces. I love meeting new people, and getting to know their artistic preferences. I get a jolt of excitement after every contract, whether it’s designing the entire art plan for a commercial space, or a single painting to hang over a mantle in someone’s home. There’s so much to look forward to in 2018!

Samantha is currently offering a FREE initial consultation to anyone in the Pittsburgh (and surrounding area) that is looking for artwork in their residential or commercial space. Contact Samantha directly to arrange your appointment at: