Single Steps: Strategies for Abundant Living – Step Inside the Book

Single Steps: Strategies for Abundant Living

by Mary Grace Musuneggi



  • A Life’s Journey

Step One: Take The First Step

  • Change Your Attitude
  • Be Thankful
  • Pursue Happiness
  • Seize The Day
  • Create Vacuums

Step Two: Prepare For The Journey

  • Set The Goals
  • Visualize The Goals
  • Figure Out Where You Are
  • Take Responsibility For Where You Are
  • Determine The Cost

Step Three: Enjoy A Successful Journey

  • Plan For Financial Independence
  • Take An Active Interest
    In Your Financial Affairs
  • Be The Pilot Instead of
    The Baggage Handler
  • Go First Class
  • Buy The Ticket

Step Four: Understand Roadblocks

  • Roadblock: Living In The Past
  • Roadblock: Repeating The Same
    Mistake Twice
  • Roadblock: Thinking No One Can Help
  • Roadblock: Having No Vision
  • Roadblock: Having No Plan
  • Roadblock: Fearing Failure,
    Fearing Success
  • Roadblock: Procrastinating
  • Roadblock: “Parade-Rainers”

Step Five: Overcome Roadblocks

  • Create An “I’m Special” Kit
  • Decide On Who You Want To Be
  • Be Determined
  • Take Action
  • Get Up, Get Dressed Up, Get Going
  • Come In Out Of The Rain

Step Six: Never Have To Go Alone

  • Know What You Know
    …And What You Don’t Know
  • Go To The Source
  • Build Your Team

Step Seven: Choose To Continue The Journey